Making holiday plans? Don’t forget about your teeth.

The holiday season can be filled with hustle and bustle, there’s just so much to do.  There are People to see, gifts to buy and yes all those tasty sugary sweets to eat.  Candy canes, peanut brittle, hard candies and nut filled delights are everywhere and far too convenient but you can make it through the holidays without causing any significant dental damage by taking a few precautionary dentist

  1. Schedule a pre holiday checkup

It can be very important for your dental health to take care of any existing issues prior to the holiday season.  You will enjoy your holiday sweets much more if you’re not aggravating a preexisting sensitivity while indulging in your favorite holiday sweet.  For economic reasons you may also want to take advantage of additional dental insurance coverage prior to the new year resetting your deductible.

  1. Brush and floss more often than usual

Because we tend to partake of a lot more sugary treats and foods than usual during the holiday period it is important for us to clean our teeth much more regularly.  Sugary substances can begin to erode tooth enamel very quickly if left in place so if we want to minimize the damage done to our teeth over the holiday season diligent brushing is the key.

  1. Don’t chomp hard candies

We all know the temptation to chomp down on all those candy canes and hard holiday candies.  Just don’t do it.  The damage that can be caused to your tooth enamel can be extensive many times requiring an emergency trip to a 24 hour dentist for root canals and crowns to repair not to mention the excruciating pain of a chipped or cracked tooth.


Dr. Abri and his friendly staff wish you all a very safe and merry holiday season. Let them put their expertise to work for you at one of their three convenient Los Angeles locations in Beverly Hills, Burbank and Valencia and take some of the stress and worry out of your holiday season.