Invisalign – New breakthroughs in dental technology continue to provide our patients with advanced ways to achieve optimum dental health. Invisalign is an effective orthodontic treatment that produces the same results as braces without the hassle and inconvenience of wires and rubber bands.

Invisalign is the first nearly invisible and removable way to straighten teeth without braces, using Aligners. Aligners are made of a clear thin medical-grade polymer that is virtually invisible when worn. Patients receive new Aligners every two weeks so the fit stays comfortable and discrete while your teeth gradually move into place. They are virtually undetectable, which means hardly anyone will know you are straightening your teeth. Ask us how Invisalign can help straighten your teeth within 18-months for most patients.

Invisalign Beverly Hills

Before Invisalign

Invisalign Los Angeles

After Invisalign

The invisible way to straighten your teeth, without braces.

Invisalign, clear braces, has to be one of the most exciting and fun dental solutions we provide for our patients. Limited to adults only, this system can provide the smile you have always wanted without the headache of traditional braces. No having to go to a specialist’s office, no food restrictions, no sharp wires, no brackets and best yet, they can’t be seen.

Invisalign offers us the opportunity to make adjustments to your teeth and enhance your smile. It is great because it is non-evasive and so convenient. After evaluation and impressions have been taken, you will be set up with the clear braces, called aligners. You will wear the aligners throughout the day, except for when you eat or to brush your teeth. After we get you set up with the first aligner, you change them every two weeks and only need to come back for a 15-minute quick appointment about once a month…. That is it!

We have included some pictures of aligners to show you how they are not noticeable, as well as some before and after pictures. We realize that sometimes it is better to also talk to someone who is or has done it so give us a call.

Dr. David has been certified by Invisalign and has the ability and technology to offer this great solution to you. He will not only be able to find out what you would like done, but also be able to show you how it will work for you and what your smile will look like when you are finished.


Available at our Los Angeles dental offices conveniently located in Beverly Hills, Valencia and Burbank.